Ed's Israel Trip

I went to Israel to work at the Intel Israel Design Center for two three-week stints during the early summer of 2006. During the first trip, I played tourist during the weekend and took some pictures.

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Akko (Old Acre) I visited Akko (also called Acre) with friends from work during my first weekend in Israel. The old city of Acre has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and contains, among other sites, a tunnel leading to a 13th century fortress of the Knights Templar. Since the 1990s, there are vast works of archeological excavations and preservations of ancient structures in progress. The works are carried out by the Old Acre Development Company (OADC).

Rosh Hanikra Rosh Hanikra is the northernmost point on the Mediterranean shore of Israel, where a chalk mountain range meets the sea. The sea carved out a chain of grottoes in the foot of the chalk cliffs. These beautiful grottoes are the main attraction of Rosh Hanikra. The steep cable car line connects the grottoes with the top of the cliff (the upper station is near the Israel-Lebanon border crossing)

Israel Museum in Jerusalem Chi-Kai, Larry and I drove to Jerusalem on Saturday to see the Israel Museum. We saw the Shrine of the Book, where there is a display of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and a huge collection of Middle East antiquities. We were among the first to arrive at 10 AM when it opened and the last to leave when it closed at 4 PM. Because it was Shabbat, there was no food served, so we brought sandwiches from Haifa for lunch. There is no photography allowed inside of the Museum buildings, so the only pictures here are from the outside displays.