Maui-The Road to Hana

We spent our first day on Maui exploring the Road to Hana with a driver and four Australians who had also signed up for this excursion. Our driver knew lots of photo spots and a couple of scenic detours, and served us a nice picnic lunch at Hana Beach State Park.
Rainbow Eucalyptus.  Our first photo stop on the road to Hana on Maui 20131215-094037 dsc 7487 20131215-094329 img 0124 African Tulip tree
Philodendron. We had one of these in a pot when I was growing up.  Mom polished the leaves with milk.  Here it is an invasive species. 'Ihi'ihi o Iehowa Ona Kaua Church on the Ke'anae Penninsula 20131215-101036 dsc 7491 Spectacular crashing surf on the lava shoreline of  Ke'anae Penninsula
20131215-101318 dsc 7502 20131215-101329 dsc 7507 20131215-101331 dsc 7512 20131215-101407 img 0129
20131215-101628 dsc 7524 Climbing on this lava is not pleasant.  Lots of sharp edges. 20131215-101910 img 0132 20131215-101930 img 0133
20131215-101940 img 0135 20131215-101941 dsc 7534 20131215-101947 img 0136 20131215-101951 img 0137
20131215-102017 dsc 7540 20131215-102022 dsc 7554 20131215-102351 dsc 7563 20131215-102519 dsc 7573
Picture of us taken by one of the minibus drivers 20131215-102847 img 0143 20131215-103120 dsc 7581 20131215-103530 dsc 7593
Hana Beach State Park, where we were served a picnic lunch by our driver 20131215-120157 dsc 7607 Our guide brought lunch for us to have here at Hana Beach Park.  Our travel companions for the day were a nice group of Australians. Picture of our little group taken by our driver.
Houses and gardens near Hana Beach Almost a black sand beach The whole shoreline on this side of Maui is relatively recent lava flow 20131215-130039 dsc 7622
The shoreline near Wainapanapa State Park We stopped here to see the black sand beach at Wainapanapa State Park 20131215-133014 dsc 7626 Black sand beach at Wainapanapa State Park
This is a short lava tube opening onto the ocean. Our driver's hands showing the black lava sand Andrea decided not to hike down to the beach. Hanawi Waterfall
Hanawi Waterfall 20131215-142521 dsc 7640 Another waterfall tucked in below the road 20131215-144937 dsc 7646
20131215-152322 dsc 7663 Everybody's favorite seafood restaurant.