Kaua'i Wailua River, Lu'au Kalamaku

For our first day on Kaua'i, with took a cruise on the Wailua River to Wailua River State Park. This was a low key ride on a river barge with live music and hula, stopping for a nature walk through the rain forest to the fern grotto, where ferns group upside down from and overhanging cliff. In the evening, we went to a big luau in the form of dinner theater.
20131219-112055 dsc 8281 Nice entertainment on the barge 20131219-093555 dsc 8219 20131219-094534 dsc 8221
20131219-094950 dsc 8225 Kayakers on the river.  The Waimea river is the only navigable river in Hawaii. The barge is really a barge with no engine.  a separate pusher unit with an engine is attached at the stern. 20131219-095612 dsc 8229
Tropical plants along the trail to the fern grotto 20131219-095837 dsc 8233 The Fern Grotto. 20131219-100244 dsc 8238
20131219-100402 dsc 8239 20131219-100855 dsc 8243 This is a popular spot for weddings Don't miss the little girl in the background
20131219-101319 dsc 8248 20131219-101410 dsc 8252 20131219-101411 dsc 8253 20131219-101630 dsc 8255
20131219-101731 img 0265 20131219-101810 dsc 8256 20131219-103300 dsc 8261 Kamokila Hawiian Village, a reconstruction of an historic traditional village.  Also used for location filming of the 1995 movie, "Outbreak"
20131219-103414 dsc 8263 20131219-105422 dsc 8264 Our bus took a little land tour around the area after our barge trip Opaekaa Falls feeds the Waimea River
Maybe the same barge we were on before.  Note the pusher unit on the back. 20131219-111844 dsc 8274 The Waimea river from above. 20131219-112532 dsc 8283
Back on the ship for lunch and relaxation Relaxing for a while on deck, but the air conditioning fans were really too loud Note the lifeboats hanging above Dinner theater Kaua'i style.
This was a big touristy thing, but was still a good time, and a chance to meet some of our fellow travelers. 20131219-173837 dsc 8291 20131219-174110 dsc 8293 The theater show depicted the story of the settlement of Kaua'i by Polynesians.
20131219-193118 dsc 8294 20131219-193132 dsc 8296 The Papa, played by Dominador Ragsac, Jr, also know as Domi.  More about him later. 20131219-193742 dsc 8300
20131219-194715 dsc 8301 20131219-201827 dsc 8302 20131219-201846 dsc 8304 20131219-202127 dsc 8306