Day 6 - Oxford

Day 6 was a travel day with several stops. First, we stopped at Oxford, home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Teaching at Oxford started in 1096. The University is made of of 38 colleges and 6 academically independent "Permanent Private Halls."
Broad Street shops Balliol College Peek into Balliol College Balliol College Chapel and other buildings.
Part of Exeter College - across the street from Trinity and Balliol. The front of the Sheldonian Theater, facing away from the street Back of Sheldonian Theater.  This is what you see from Broad Street The Sheldonian was designed by Christopher Wren and build 1664-1668.
Walking around the theater toward the Bodleian Library.  This is the main Oxford University library with branches all over town. Hertford College.  Bodleian library to the right. Divinity School, Bodleian Library Boleian Library Divinity School
University of Oxford Clarendon Building, built 1711-15 to house the Oxford University Press.  Now part of the Bodleian Library. Another shot of the Clarendon Building and Sheldonian theater from up Broad St. Oxford "Bridge of Sighs" connects buildings of Hertford College. Checking out Trinity College
Left to right: Trinity College President's house (1885), Kettell Hall (1620), occupied by Trinity graduate students, and Collingwood House (1830) occupied since 1971 by Blackwell's Books. Trinity College main entrance. Andrea in the Trinity front quad Trinity Gate Tower and Chapel.  Over the wall to the left is the Balliol College Chapel.
Inside Trinity Chapel. Chapel from the back Chapel Ceiling Trinity Chapel Quad
Trinity Chapel and tower from Durham Quad. Trinity Crew team bragging walls 20130826-105430 dsc 5227 20130826-105435 dsc 5228
Gate to the Trinity College garden quad 20130826-110206 dsc 5234 Sculpture "Another Time" by Antony Gormley, on top of the Thomas Wood Building. Looking up Turl Street.  Tower at the end is All Saints Church.
Yes, Oxford students like McDonalds too. 20130826-120719 dsc 5248 20130826-120710 dsc 5247 20130826-120812 dsc 5251
20130826-120920 dsc 5252 20130826-120805 dsc 5250 The Martyr's Memorial, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, and built 1840-42. The monument is in memory of the Oxford Martyrs, who were burned at the stake in 1555 near this monument on the orders of Queen Mary Tudor, AKA "Bloody Mary"
It was Archbishop Cranmer, one of the Oxford Martyrs, who annuled Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, making the future Queen Mary an illegitimate child. 20130826-122519 dsc 5263 20130826-121943 dsc 5259 20130826-101516 dsc 5189