Day 5 - London Bus Tour

On day 5, our last day in London everybody had arrived for the main tour, and we did a bus tour of the city with a great local guide. On the way back to the hotel, we got off of the bus at St Paul's Cathedral, where Sunday services were in progress, so pictures inside were not allowed. After a short stay, we walked to the nearby Milenium Foot Bridge and crossed the River Thames to the Globe Theater complex, where we had lunch at the Swan Bar, then took the water taxi back to the Tower of London and our hotel.
Buckingham Palace 20130825-093826 dsc 5143 Buckingham Palace gates 20130825-093928 dsc 5145
Victoria Memorial, by Sir Thomas Brock, dedicated in 1911 20130825-094123 dsc 5148 20130825-094057 p1000493 20130825-094119 dsc 5147
20130825-094216 dsc 5150 20130825-094220 dsc 5151 20130825-094223 p1000494 20130825-094234 p1000495
20130825-094329 dsc 5152 20130825-094145 dsc 5149 20130825-094507 dsc 5154 Shot of the Victoria Memorial with the palace behind it.
Flowers in the palace garden Mounted guards making their rounds Gates into Clarence House, the residence of the Prince of Wales, AKA Prince Charles. Changing of the guard at Clarence House
20130825-095902 dsc 5163 20130825-100034 dsc 5165 20130825-100442 dsc 5166 20130825-100629 dsc 5167
20130825-101205 p1000503 20130825-102004 p1000504 The Royal Albert Hall 20130825-104237 dsc 5172
20130825-104244 dsc 5173 20130825-104344 dsc 5175 Monument to Prince Albert across the street St Paul's Cathedral
20130825-120521 dsc 5178 20130825-120859 p1000507 20130825-121211 dsc 5180 The Millennium Footbridge, AKA The Wibbly-Wobbly Bridge.
The bridge was opened in 2000, but was closed three days later for two years to fix its wibbly-wobbly nature. Shot up the river from the bridge. Shot of the bridge and St Paul's from the Globe complex. 20130825-142206 dsc 5186