Day 4 - All Hallows Church, Lunch at Covent Garden

Day 4 was a little slower day for us. Our program director recommended a visit to All Hallows by the Tower, the oldest church in London, and a few blocks walk from the hotel. After a nice visit there, we took a city bus to the Strand and walked a few blocks to Covent Garden, where we explored and had lunch.
10 Trinity Square used to be the headquarter of the Port of London Authority.  In 1946 it hosted the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations.  It is now in the process of  being repurposed as a hotel. All Hallows by the Tower is the oldest church in the City of London.  There has been a church on this site since the year 675. Of course, everybody has to pose by a London Phone Box. Andrea with a fellow traveler
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20130824-122229 p1000486 20130824-115450 p1000471 20130824-115613 p1000473 Pulpit dating to 1670 from the church of St Swithun's
20130824-115713 dsc 5127 20130824-115752 p1000475 20130824-115947 p1000477 The Undercroft Chapel, built from the former Vicars Vault.  The ashes of many former parishioners are interned here.
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20130824-121118 dsc 5132 In the middle of hte page is the record of the marriage of John Quincy Adams to Louisa Catherine Johnson in 1797. After our visit to All Hallows, we took a city bus to the Strand.  Walking to Covent Garden, we passed the Savoy theater.  A fun story about this short road, Savoy Court, is that unlike the rest of the UK, cars drive on the right side so that the Queen can easily get out of the car on the right side when she is driven to the theater. Lunch at Covent Garden
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