Day 11 - York

We spent the whole of day 11 in York, doing lots of walking, taking a boat ride on the river, a walk on the ancient city walls, and taking way too many pictures of the beautiful York Minster, officially known as "The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York" .
The River Ouse from the Micklegate Bridge. Our hotel is the Radisson Park Inn on the left shore. Clifford's Tower is about a block from the river, a bit downstream from our hotel. On the street in York. The spire is part of the 11 century St. Mary's Church, which now houses a museum for modern visual arts. Barcley's Bank
20130831-090049 dsc 5884 20130831-090140 p1000661 20130831-090149 p1000662 20130831-091047 dsc 5890
20130831-090219 dsc 5886 The neighborhood of York known as "The Shambles" was once known as The Great flesh Shambles, the word for the shelves on which butchers displayed their meat.  This street was the home of 25 butcher shops in 1872 20130831-090723 p1000664 20130831-090759 p1000665
20130831-090812 dsc 5889 20130831-091020 p1000666 20130831-091201 dsc 5891 20130831-091451 p1000667
20130831-091504 dsc 5892 20130831-091523 p1000668 The birth place of the infamous Guy Fauxe 20130831-092331 dsc 5899
20130831-092216 dsc 5897 20130831-092222 dsc 5898 Approching York Minster, or simply, "The Minster," built starting around 1220.  This is the west front of the cathedral 20130831-134154 dsc 6034
A closer shot of the west front with one of the towers undergoing restoration. The west front from the inside. The great west window is often called the Heard of Yorshire Another shot of the Heart of Yorkshire.  Local legend says that if a couple kissed beneath this window, they will be together forever.  Lots of proposals also happen here.
Shot of the west wall and heart window from beneath the center of the nave West entrance doors. 20130831-093713 dsc 5906 Window at the end of the north aisle.
York Minster south transept entrance with the rose window. This is the main entrance. 20130831-131429 dsc 6019 Inside shot looking at the south entrance. The south wall with the rose window
Rose window closeup.  Note the Tudor roses. 20130831-102754 p1000689 This stone mason is working on a block for restoration work being done on the Minster. 20130831-093746 dsc 5909
20130831-095432 dsc 5912 20130831-093333 dsc 5903 20130831-095527 dsc 5913 20130831-093308 dsc 5901
Clerestory window with shields of arms 20130831-093757 dsc 5910 20130831-093802 dsc 5911 20130831-095610 dsc 5915
20130831-095817 dsc 5919 20130831-095828 dsc 5920 20130831-095857 dsc 5921 20130831-095907 dsc 5926
The Choir screen features scuptures of the kings of England from William the Conqueror to Henry VI.  The organ, reconstructed in 1859, sits on top. 20130831-100251 dsc 5928 20130831-102528 dsc 5977 A shot toward the east wall. The window shown here is really a full size printed screen, because the great east window is being restored.  This is the largest digitally printed image of its kind.
Shot up into the central tower 20130831-102635 dsc 5983-crop1 20130831-100301 p1000673 20130831-100640 dsc 5935
20130831-100648 dsc 5936 20130831-100656 dsc 5937 The astronomical clock, installed in 1955.  It is a memorial to the airmen killed in action during World War II. 20130831-100955 dsc 5945
The York Minster Chapter House is the meeting place of the "chapter," the group of people who govern the church. The chapter house is connected to the cathedral through a short passageway from the north transept. Chapter House floor The Chapter House has 7 big windows like this one.  the eighth side of the room is the archeway into the vestibulel leading to the church.
Chapterhouse windows The Chapter House Ceiling. 20130831-101229 dsc 5950 20130831-101237 p1000679
Another Chapter House window. Note the carved faces below the window. The artisons who made the faces above the Chapter House seats largely chose their own subjects, so these faces represent the people of the time. 20130831-101521 p1000682 20130831-101523 dsc 5956
20130831-101552 dsc 5959 20130831-101614 dsc 5962 20130831-101651 dsc 5966 20130831-101722 dsc 5967
20130831-101730 dsc 5969 20130831-101751 dsc 5971 400 year old clock.  The two knights strike on the quarter hour. 20130831-103322 p1000690
20130831-103537 dsc 5987 20130831-103544 dsc 5988 Shot down the nave of the minster toward the east end. The choir
The organ above the choir screen 20130831-105049 dsc 5996 20130831-105201 dsc 5998 20130831-105208 dsc 5999
20130831-105302 dsc 6000 Traditional bosses punctuate the joinery of the south transept ceiling. 20130831-105541 dsc 6001 The south transept of York Minster was gutted by fire in 1984.  When it was rebuilt, a few of the ceiling bosses were designed by children who were viewers of the BBC TV children's show Blue Peter. this one is "Man in the Moon" designed by 6 year old Rebecca-Rose Welsh
Diver and whale designed by Richard Gaston.  The children's designs were carved and painted by the Minster craftsmen Neil Armstrong and the American Flag, designed by 8 year old Ben Kerslake Raising the Mary Rose designed by 16 year old Joanna Biggs 20130831-110659 p1000698
20130831-110705 p1000699 20130831-112048 dsc 6009 20130831-112217 dsc 6010 20130831-112225 dsc 6011
The ruins of St Mary's Abbey, destroyed along with lots of other Catholic churches by King Henry VIII 20130831-112741 dsc 6013 20130831-113140 dsc 6014 Betty's tea rooms, where we had lunch
20130831-121443 p1000702 20130831-121517 p1000703 Colorful characters on the streets of York Bootham Bar, the oldest of the gates in the York city walls.  This is High Petergate, so called because it is close to York Minster, dedicated to St. Peter.
20130831-134244 dsc 6037 20130831-134341 dsc 6038 A walk on the city walls 20130831-135441 dsc 6044
20130831-135558 dsc 6048 20130831-135632 dsc 6049 20130831-135712 dsc 6050 20130831-135846 dsc 6053
20130831-140234 dsc 6057 Approaching Monk Bar, the northeast entrance to the city 20130831-141103 dsc 6062 Micklegate Bridge over the River Ouse
Lendal Bridge The Yorkshire Wheel.  It was taken down shortly after we left. 20130831-170100 dsc 6069 20130831-170105 dsc 6070
20130831-170113 dsc 6071 20130831-170242 dsc 6072 20130831-170658 dsc 6074 20130831-170723 dsc 6075
Skeldergate Bridge 20130831-171217 dsc 6077 Think you have a pidgeon problem?