Day 10 - En route to York via Chester

This was a travel day from Caernarfon, Wales to York, England with a long stop in Chester, England
Conwy Castle, Wales Conwy Castle shot from the bus Roman ruins shot from the city wall in Chester 20130830-102033 dsc 5821
20130830-102042 dsc 5822 20130830-102055 dsc 5823 20130830-102211 dsc 5824 20130830-102217 dsc 5825
20130830-102221 dsc 5826 20130830-102304 dsc 5827 20130830-102426 dsc 5828 20130830-102546 dsc 5829
20130830-102742 dsc 5830 20130830-103132 dsc 5831 The remains of the Roman amphitheater. 20130830-103748 dsc 5834
20130830-103921 dsc 5836 Eastgate clock 20130830-104325 dsc 5840 20130830-104331 dsc 5841
20130830-104344 dsc 5842 20130830-104356 dsc 5843 20130830-104610 dsc 5848 Eastgate shot from the street.  This is a gate through the ancient city wall.
Chester Cathedral from the street 20130830-105215 dsc 5852 20130830-105452 dsc 5853 20130830-105518 dsc 5854
Chester Town Hall McDonalds next to town hall Chester Cross is the junction of Watergate, Eastgate, Bridge and Northgate Streets. The town crier makes a proclamation every day at the Chester High Cross (right,) originally placed here in the 14th century.  The current one is the result of a 1949 restoration using parts of the 1476 version. One of Chester's elevated walkways, called the Chester Rows, an architectural feature unique to Chester, originating in the 13th century.  These are on the second story of all of the buildings on the streets radiating from Chester Cross. The street is visible through the opening on the left.
Street shot with St Peter's Church at Chester Cross. Victoria Pub at Chester Cross.  There was a pub at this site as early as 1269 Window in St Peter's Church Gargoyle detail - St. Michael's church
St. Michael's church with gargoyles.  This is the home of Chester History and Heritage, a research center for historical and genaeological research. Spotting Eddie Stobart trucks is apparently a road trip game for children. Random door as we enter York. The River Foss
Clifford's Tower, the keep of York Castle, was built in the 13th century by Henry III to replace the original 11th century wooden structure.