Stacey's Birthday, Ed's Whale Watch

These are pictures taken on Stacey's birthday and on a day in Boston and Massachusetts Bay for a whale watch in September. There are some decent whale pictures and some boats and cityscapes. Then, of course, then is Stacey's turtle.

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Stacey's 26th Birthday We went out to Stacey and Shannon's apartment to celebrate Stacey's birthday and meet her new pet turtle. Then we took her out to lunch and bought her some presents.

SI2 Cluster Whale Watch Our work group went to Boston for a whale watch in Massachusetts Bay. It was a very overcast day, but we did see whales, including the relatively rare sight of two whales swimming together (not mates.) Most of these pictures are pretty heavily cropped from the original picture, and there are several short sequences shot at about 3 frames per second.

Boston Harbor Area These are shots of the waterfront area or in the harbor on the same day as the whale watch.