Summer 2004 Misc. Pictures

These are pictures from occasions during the summer that were not part of any big trips. I traveled alot during the summer and took my camera just about everywhere.

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Mother's Day, 2004 A few pictures at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Mass

Memorial Day, 2004 Rachel and Adam playing in the pool

Rockport One of our weekend outings to Rockport with the Martins. Lots of harbor pictures.

July 4th Weekend, 2004 We had a party with friends and a special birthday party for Andrea. A few days later, we went out to dinner for barbecue with Rachel and Adam to celebrate his birthday.

Columbia River Gorge with Bob Back in Oregon for a couple of weeks of extreme programming in the Intel Strategic CAD Lab Dungeon. On the weekend, my brother, Bob and I took a hike in the Columbia River Gorge.

Dawson Creek Park (Again) More pictures in the park near my hotel in Hillsboro. Different season, different look.

Clouds over Houston I flew home with a stop in Houston the weekend before the Democratic National Convention and spent the whole second flight talking with a Texas delegate to the convention. Maybe the conversation prompted me to take these cloud pictures, but I think it was because they really looked nice.

Rachel's Bon Voyage After this party, Rachel and Adam headed down to their new apartment in Tucson.

Clouds over Phoenix My third trip to Oregon this summer. This time the first flight was Boston to Phoenix, and I decided to take more cloud pictures on the approach. It was ironic that I arrived in Arizona before Rachel.

Portland, Oregon I was in Portland for a week to attend an Intel internal conference. On the last day, the conference ended at lunch time and I had the afternoon to wander around. Most of these pictures are around the Willamet river.