Utah Trip

After spending a week in Oregon on business, I took a detour on the way home to visit Vickie and Mom in St. George. Don was out of town. The weather was great for hiking and we got to hike in several places. It was also a nice visit.

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Arrival and first day I flew in from Portland via LA, and took a little prop plane to St. George. We had to stop in Las Vegas for repairs when the cabin pressure got wierd. But we continued on after a few hours. The next day, we took a little hike at Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and then went out to lunch.

Morning in Zion National Park Vickie and I spent the day hiking at Zion. These are the pictures from the part before lunch, which was mostly the emerald pools loopl

Zion after lunch Well, there is a shot of lunch here, too. After lunch we took the river walk, then drove through the tunnels and took another trail that we discovered on the way back, ending at a spectacular overlook. We could see the overlook from the other side of the tunnel and took a picture of it.

At Vickie and Don's house Just hanging out.

Snow Canyon State Park Sort of a minature canyon. Vickie loves the "petrified dune" formations. This is a lava flow field as you can see from the black stone, but there is also a great mix of different geology and vegetation.